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In the Case of Bad Weather

In the Case of Bad Weather

The centre will be closed while GALE OR STORM SIGNAL No. 8 or above is in force or BLACK RAINSTORM WARNING SIGNAL is in force. The centre will resume operation two hours after the above warning signals cease to be in force
Free Assessment

Free Assessment

Children’s language ability develops at different rates among individuals. In order to place them with students of similar ability thereby ensure the best results, a FREE assessment is provided to serve as a reference and also benchmark for future comparison.
The 73rd Hong Kong Schools Speech Festival

The 73rd Hong Kong Schools Speech Festival

The competition will be conducted through uploading of self-recorded video clips. We provide coaching and recording services. Participants should be born on or before 31st December 2016. Enrolment is now open.

About Us


JOLLY FAITH LEARNING CENTRE was established in 1998 and since then is the leading accredited professional trainers in Hong Kong for Jolly Phonics. We dedicate to applying phonics to establish English literacy, starting at 3 to 4 years old, which is the best chance to develop proficiency in multiple languages. We aim at nurturing true bilingual to assist them abundantly in their future learning.

Our Courses


❑ Enhance proficiency in English
❑ Widen students’ vision
❑ Establish sense of achievement through competitions

Jolly 拼⾳/閱讀課程
Jolly Phonics and Reading

❑ STEP: Introductory course for Jolly Phonics and FATI®
❑ FATI® A four-level courses covering sounds: Blending, Tricky Words, Reading and Magic Writing
❑ Grammar: Jolly Grammar in two stages
❑ Magic Writing: Initial stage to writing

Creative Writing

❑ Covers K3 to junior secondary
❑ Actively take part in local and international competitions
❑ Correct Grammar; Rich Vocabulary; Varied Genres; Wide-range Topics; Positive Values

P1 Interview

❑ Prepare K2 students for P1 interview
❑ Teaches interview skills, enhance students confidence
❑ Materials prepared by principal and experienced teachers
❑ Materials made with reference to real-world samples
❑ Drilling with actual tests

P1 Bridging

❑ Prepare K3 students for P1
❑ Course materials are specific to renowned schools  

Speech Coaching

❑ For age 3+
❑ Build confidence and stage experience
❑ Age 5+ may enter Hong Kong Schools Speech Festival

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