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About Us


We were established in 1998 and since then had been the leading accredited professional trainers in Hong Kong for Jolly Phonics. We are dedicated to establish English literacy at early age to benefit them abundantly in the future intellectual and character development.

What We Do

❑ A literacy programme for young students based on Jolly Phonics and onward to writing, speech, drama, etc.

❑ Workshops for teachers and parents, and in-school training on the implementation of phonics in teaching.

❑ Sell books and supplementary products published for Jolly Phonics.

What You Get

❑ Fast-track building of English literacy from scratch and onward solid ability in speaking, reading, writing and listening.

❑ Through training teachers and parents build holistic knowledge on phonics and acquire real-life knowledge.

❑ Comprehensive support on how to select Jolly Phonics books and the know-how of using them.

What’s New

❑ Phonics programme upgraded to FLY! featuring enhanced strategy to speed up learning significantly.

❑ Writing programme refined to put more effort on strengthening grammar and widening genre coverage.

❑ Building on the success of winning a HongKong-wide story writing competition 2017-2023 seven years in a row, the story writing programme has been enriched to bring more successes in the years to come.

❑ Speech and Drama courses