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About Us


Since 1998, we have been the leading accredited professional trainers in Hong Kong. Based on active classroom teaching and close liaison with the publisher, authors and 300+ trainers around the world, we adapt Jolly Phonics to best fit the Chinese-English language environment, bringing out the best results in teaching English to 3-13 year old. We have conducted more than 100 training seminars and particularly experience in conducting in-school training and curriculum planning. Our service mainly covers Hong Kong, Macau and the Greater Bay Area.

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Sale of Jolly Phonics Products

We carry most of the Jolly Phonics products for sale to schools and individuals. We also handle bulk purchases within and outside Hong Kong. We also provide free advice on selection and usage of the products.

Our Services


❑ Courses for international accredited certificates
❑ In-school training and assistance in curriculum planning

Certificate Courses

❑ Cambridge YLE, drama and grade certificates

Teachers’ Support

❑ In-school Training
❑ Teachers’ and Parents’ Workshops
❑ Parents’ Sharing Sessions
❑ Academic Studies and International Conferences
❑ Distribution of Jolly Phonics products

Jolly Phonics Products

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