Smart Toddlers English Playgroup

For Aged 3+

Course Summary

Smart Toddlers English Playgroup is an introductory stage for children aged 3 to 4 years old preparing them for a smooth transition into the Jolly Phonics® F.A.T.I.® Programme. The course covers both the learning of letters of the alphabet and basic knowledge of the sounds in English. It aims at enhancing phonemic awareness, vocabulary and introducing basic blending techniques in fun filled ways


STEP 是為三歲至四歲學生設計的導入課程,以預備他們進級至英國 Jolly Phonics®,語音 FATI® 課程,主要項目包括認識 26 個字母、對英語發音的初步認知、建立聲韻覺識、擴展詞彙及培養基本混音技巧。全程以故事、兒歌等歡樂形式教學。